GeWorko Method - Portfolio Investment and Management

GeWorko Method is an innovative approach to study of financial markets and analysis of their dynamics. It grants investors, traders, portfolio managers, risk managers and analysts with an opportunity to create, analyze and trade their own instruments through unprecedented Personal Composite Instruments (PCI).

The method is based on Forex concept, according to which, one financial asset is quoted against another. In contrast to Forex concept, here the concept is extended for portfolios. To say it in other words, one combination of assets is quoted against another combination.

GeWorko Method is perfect for investors who seek for new opportunities to test and realize their trading ideas to find hidden interrelations between the assets. Using PCI one can check the behaviors of newly created instruments, based on long-term historical data, to find the optimal ratio of the projected profitability and risk tolerance. It allows creating unique personal instruments from a great number of available assets, making accurate analysis and trading their own instruments. Absolute flexibility of the method is achieved by giving each asset an individual weight (in percents) in the total structure of a portfolio.

This smart technology is possible to implement exclusively on NetTradeX trading-analytical platform. The Method simplifies technical analysis of complex portfolios, study portfolio of behavior and the market itself, based on available historical data. One of the main purposes of the Method is to reduce the underlying risks through investment diversification. Investing in a single asset leaves a trader one on one with market forces. Hence, diversification creates opportunities for lowering the risk ratio. The application of the method in practice allows to not only quickly transfer ideas into trading-analytical system and to estimate them based on historical data, but also to trade the created personal instruments. It is important to note that the trader is not any longer restricted by the number of available financial instruments provided by brokers, getting an opportunity to create personal instruments, graphically reflecting its price history and trading them.

Portfolio Investment, Analysis and Management

GeWorko Method is an exceptional, one-of–a-kind tool for creating, analyzing and trading personal instruments. It may be applied in various areas, including spread trading, pair trading, analysis and study of hidden interrelations of various assets, and many more.

You can learn how to create and use PCI through GeWorko Method on NetTradeX terminal on "Quick Guide" page.

We also regularly publish articles on the application of GeWorko Method in "Resources" section.

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